Greg Ray

Hello… my name is Greg Ray and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I have been marketing online for several years and I love it. Through building a variety of Internet based businesses, I have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to make money online.

Now I wish to share with you my experience in hope that you too can build your own dream. I built my entire marketing system so that everything fits together and works together, each segment of the marketing system complementing the other.

I retired from the position of technology director of a public school district in Oklahoma. I built my businesses part time working evenings and weekends.

However, recently I became a full time online marketer, and its great. My main passion in life is helping other people.

If you are already involved in online marketing, you have found a great resource for your business in my website.

If you haven’t started your own online business yet, or if you are looking to expand to additional streams of income, I hope to help you select a business opportunity that will work well for you.