Employee Income is NOT Enough…

How many people can say that they are happy with their job income?

I thought so!

Face it… employee income is NOT enough.

Even when both the husband and wife work, people still have trouble making ends meet… right?

And what happens if that income stops? Plenty of people in this post-covid19 world have experienced this… through no fault of their own!

So, if employee income is not enough, what do you do?

Obviously, you look to find other sources of income.

So, let’s take a few minutes and examine 5 different types of income.


Employee Income-
Income from a job… working someone else’s dream. This is the most common way people earn money.

Taxable Income-
Legally and ethically saving money on taxes puts more money in your pocket… it’s income. People who start their own work from home business have tax advantages built in that help them KEEP MORE of their earnings!

Residual income-
Getting paid month after month for work you do once. Most people who sell a product or service do work for every sale.

Commission Income-
Money earned through affiliate sales. You create content that helps people find a product or service, or offers a solution to a problem… they purchase… you get paid.

Investment Portfolio Income-
Money working for YOU… not you working for money. You invest, for example, in stock trading, and you get paid dividends on them.

Now let’s look at how Wealthy Affiliate stacks up in providing these income types…

Employee Income-
Wealthy Affiliate allows you to continue to work your regular job, earning your employee income, AND also earn commissions as you promote your Wealthy Affiliate business. You can join as a free Starter Level member until you are earning enough to pay for your Premium Level membership… NO out-of-pocket expenses.

Taxable Income-
Everyone who starts their own work from home business is eligible for tax savings. You save money on taxes and you have more cash in your pocket. Remember, it’s not always how much you make, it’s how much you KEEP as well.

Residual Income-
Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build true residual income. You promote WA, and as you get upgraded referrals, you earn commissions every month, as long as they stay active.

For example, let’s say as a Premium member you average 5 new referrals each month. First month you will earn $117.50. Month two, you refer 5 more Premium members, and you get paid now for 10 referrals, and you make $235.00… and so on month after month. You don’t have to sell again to the referrals from the previous month… they renew automatically and you get paid.

Commission Income-
Wealthy Affiliate also has an incredible training platform to help you build multiple streams of income. Not only can you market your WA business, but you can promote an unlimited number of other affiliate product income streams in multiple niches.

Investment Portfolio Income-
Here’s where the excitement can really explode. As you build your ongoing affiliate commissions you will soon have the cash to invest in other business ventures… just like the rich guys on “Shark Tank.”


Wealthy Affiliate can be used to create all 5 types of income we have discussed… and I am here to help you along the way.

Click the image below to join with me, and get your FREE Starter Level account.

You’ll be able to access two training modules… the “Getting Started Affiliate Marketing Training” and the “Wealthy Affiliate Training Bootcamp”… both at no cost to you.

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You can also refer new members to Wealthy Affiliate and earn commission when they upgrade… even as a FREE Started Member… isn’t that amazing!

That’s why I call my website “Go Make Money FREE“.  You can truly earn with NO Investment required… so put your credit card away!


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