Working From Home…

Working From Home… now that’s a phrase you seldom heard just a few months ago!

Both of my kids are now working from home. And, following the recent turn of events, there are more and more people interested in this concept… and YOU may be one of them.

Whether it’s just starting a side project to supplement your current income, or finding a way to build a full time work from home business income, this website is designed for YOU!


Here’s The Deal…

I believe in the concept of “Multiple Streams of Income”… that’s how the top income earners – the “rich”… operate. They have income coming in from multiple business holdings and investments… right?

Currently I am earning from three different business models… and that’s important!

My number one business model is “affiliate marketing“… I promote products developed and supported by other people, and I get paid commissions when sales are made through my promotions.

My second business model is “network marketing“… I build a team, and I get paid on my own efforts, as well as the efforts of my team members. That’s called leveraging!

When one of my team members makes a referral sale, they get paid a 50% Fast Start Bonus, and I get matching income… my team member makes money and I make money.

The third income stream I earn from is by marketing “digital information products“. This is quite similar to the affiliate marketing model income stream listed above in that most affiliate products are digital products as well… things like eBooks, audio and video training, software, ecourses, and membership sites. The difference here is that instead of getting paid commissions on my sales, I get paid 100% as I own the product rights myself.


Business Model #1 – Affiliate Marketing…

Below you will find several choices YOU can implement to generate an online income. These opportunities are either very low cost to get started, or even FREE!

I am listing them in the order I recommend to join, beginning with Wealthy Affiliate.

Why do I recommend this income stream first…

Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short, provides the fundamental training needed for you to earn an online income utilizing ANY business model… and it’s FREE! WA also provides the platform structure and tools to make it all happen.

Carson and Kyle, the co-founders, have created an exceptional affiliate marketing training site that rivals any of those created by the supposed gurus who charge thousands of dollars to access… I know, because I have purchased several of these myself, spending literally thousands of dollars. And, like I said, you get it FREE!

Here’s the link to access the membership and get started…

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

(Click the image to access)


After going through the first two Wealthy Affiliate trainings you will need to make a choice…

Do you stay as a Starter Mamber (FREE), or do you ugrade to the Premium level

Either way, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate as an income stream, earning from 25% (Starter Level) to 50% (Premium Level) on every referal who upgrades.

Do you take the training you have received and continue to build your marketing email list and earn income as an affiliate marketer?

Do you add other business models using the marketing training you now have to promote and build other businesses?

Or do you do all of the above? This is my recommendation.

While becoming a Partner in the MOS program and earning those $100 comissions is a great way to earn online income, you do have to continuously market and make sales every month… right?

What about the idea of building a team, training them to do what you do, and promote a business model that leverages the work of the team you have built, and lets you generate monthly recurring income? This business model is called “network marketing“…


Business Model #2 – Network Marketing

My 20 Dollar Business is the only Global Opportunity where you can start for as little as $1, and earn up to $20,000 monthly in the matrix PLUS earn unlimited customer income with as little as two personally referred members!

I am living proof that My 20 works. I started last summer and now I have reached the Platinum Executive Team Leader level, getting paid every week like clockwork.

Our business motto reads “Make Money – Save Money – Have Fun!”

Take a few minutes to check out My 20 Dollar Business by clicking the image below…

My 20 Dollar Business

My 20 Dollar Business(Click the above image to access)


Business Model #3 – Info Product Marketing

As promised, here is my third online income stream. It also utilizes a third different business model… marketing Digital Information Products.

What if you had your own membership site marketing training in the online marketing niche… it was all setup for you… you did none of the painstaking work necessary to create the content on your site… all you have to do is promote it… it also includes marketing funnels with additional sales opportunities… and you get to keep 100% of the cash it generates… would that interest you?

Well, here’s your chance…

Introducing the Newbie Sales Machine

NewbieSalesMachine(Click the above image to access)

Everything is build and installed for you… collect $19.995 sales over and over!

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